And… go!

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I have tried to start a blog at least three times. This is in fact already the second re-boot of this particular blog. These are, as I can see, the major hurdles I run into:

I am a perfectionist. Consequently, I take a really long time to compose a blog post. I revise and edit and rephrase… ad nauseam. And even then, I am not always happy with the final product and frequently discard the post that I’ve just spent hours working on. This is not conducive to being a productive blogger.

Do I need to blog regularly? There are some blogs that I follow that are simply mindboggling in the number of new posts published per day… per hour even! So my piddly one post per month ends up looking pretty pathetic.

Defined scope? A good angle? I have many varied interests (a sampling: science/technology, fashion, dance, Asian-American issues), and I have in the past felt the urge to write on some or all of these. But should a blog have a defined scope?  Do I even have a good angle from which to address all of these issues?

Science blogging? Really? The only one of these interests in which I have some real credibility is science/technology – I am a cell biologist by training. However, the science blogosphere is an intimidating world to enter, as there are already lots of fantastic and extremely productive science bloggers. However, I’ve lately felt that I do have a particular point of view… and perhaps that’s worth exploring. (See About.)

In order for me to safely bypass these hurdles – even leap over them – I have given myself new blog rules to live by:

#1 Blog posts can be any length. Even, dare I say, 140 characters.

#2 Blog posts do not have to be perfect. An awkward phrase here and there isn’t going to derail the post or the blog.

#3 Blog posts do not have to be absolutely complete, final versions of thoughts for all time. They can be revisited, expanded upon, revised, etc.

#4 Blog posts can be made at irregular intervals. The important thing is just to keep posting.

A final thought: I haven’t yet defined the particular scope of this blog, but if I wait until I do that, it will be another year before I get this up and running. I’ve decided that it can be a work in progress. Let’s just start writing and see what this blog becomes.

So… [deep breath]… here we go!


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