Dropping the H-bomb

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I just stumbled on Greg Laden’s fantastically written About page. (Yes, just. I’m new to the blogosphere and still getting to know everyone.) I’d like to quote a paragraph that made me laugh really hard:

For some reason the previous paragraphs have enraged a number of readers. Harvard this, Harvard that. Why is the guy telling us he went to Harvard. If you are such a reader, let me speak to you for a moment. Well, the reason I’m telling you this and other things is because YOU clicked on “About” on MY blog. So you get a wordy version of my c.v., and I’m not going to lie on my c.v. just to make you feel better. I assure you that had I known you would be so offended I would have gone to what you might consider to be a lesser school, such as the one you went to. There, do you feel better now? Good. On with the c.v.

When people ask where I went to grad school, I almost always answer, “Boston.”

If pressed, then I elaborate. Carefully. Eyes downward to show modesty.

It is both fascinating and frustrating to me that simply answering the question of where I went to school can potentially incite such hostility.

Despite my best efforts, a colleague once got very upset with me: “When I first met you, you kept saying you were from Harvard. You were so proud of being from Harvard!”

Well, of course I’m proud of it. Wouldn’t you be? What would you like me to say instead?

So, Greg Laden, I totally feel ya.


4 thoughts on “Dropping the H-bomb

  1. reminds me of a great bit on an episode of 30 Rock…

    any time “Boston” is mentioned, Toofer says:

    “Oh, I went to school in Boston.”
    [no reply]
    “Well, not in Boston… near Boston.”
    [still no reply]
    “No, not Tufts… Harvard.”


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