Are we really still talking about the Tiger Mother?

In writing this blog post, I suppose I’ve answered my own question.

Since my last post, I have not kept up with all the Tiger Mother coverage. In fact, I’ve been really busy with work. It was not necessarily my intention to write a second blog post on Amy Chua, but I am seeing references to her EVERYWHERE.

While reading a completely unrelated article on Salon today, I noticed a link on the right sidebar to a Salon article titled “‘Tiger Mom’ Amy Chua defends herself on The Colbert Report”Yes, the Colbert Report!

And last week, I couldn’t help but notice the headline “Chinese mums: not that good really” on the cover of The Economist as it sat on our coffee table.

She was brought up in casual conversation twice this week. And not by me.

People keep telling me about interviews they’ve watched/listened to or articles they’ve read. Here’s a selection:

Mother, superior? by Jeff Yang, special to SFGate

‘Tiger Mothers’ leave lifelong scars by Lac Su, special to CNN

A Memoir of A ‘Tiger Mother’s’ Quest For Perfection on All Things Considered, NPR

Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother on Tell Me More, NPR

battle hymn of the tiger mother… the movie?! reported by angry asian man [added 01/28]

My anger and indignation at the excerpt/essay has turned into a mild fascination with just how much publicity Amy Chua has gotten and how “Tiger Mom” has become a new catchphrase.

Anything I’ve missed? Let me know.


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